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The August 2017 issue of Astronomy Now.

Eclipse USA
During August’s great American eclipse millions are going to be immersed in the shadow of the moon as it crosses 14 states in a coast to coast passage. Nick James has the details.

40 years (and counting) of the Voyagers
Still the greatest voyages of discovery, the adventures of the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes will be talked about centuries into the future as our first interstellar explorers. As they reach their fortieth birthdays, Keith Cooper recounts their stories.

Earthbound exoplanets searches
Ground-based exoplanet searches are unveiling an increasing number of new worlds. Kulvinder Singh Chadha reviews the work of these projects.

Ten great astronomers
Many brilliant minds have enlightened and enriched astronomy over the centuries. Allan Chapman has been given carte blanche to tell the stories of ten of the great ones. Here’s his selection, which span the past eight centuries.

The Lovell Telescope at 60
Now an iconic veteran of Radio Astronomy, the giant Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank, the culmination of the vision of the late Sir Bernard Lovell, has been at the forefront of vital research since the summer of 1957. Ian Morison tells its tale.

Finding the cosmic ray gun
From the depths of space they are fired at us like tiny atomic bullets, accelerated by some of the strongest magnetic fields in existence. Keith Cooper seeks out the origins of these cosmic rays.

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