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The July 2017 issue of Astronomy Now.

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Cosmic catastrophes
Danger awaits us around every corner in space, with cosmic events capable of ending life on Earth at any time. Astronomy Now braves armageddon and presents ten doomsday scenarios. Keith Cooper explores.

Getting into solar gear
Are you interested in observing the Sun? Martin Mobberley explains the techniques and equipment you will need to observe our star safely and fruitfully.

Jumping Jupiter!
NASA’s Juno spacecraft has now been at Jupiter for almost a year, but it has already surprised everyone with both the quality of its images and the confounding nature of its scientific discoveries.

All in a spin
Stars, planets, black holes and galaxies all spin, sometimes at phenomenal speeds. But why? How do we know that astronomical bodies rotate? And what can we learn from their rotation? Carolin Crawford keeps on an even keel to tell us the story.

132 pages!

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