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The May 2017 issue of Astronomy Now.

Free inside: a poster-sized Moon map.

Inside this month:

The curious case of the mystery star
It’s been hailed as the most mysterious star in our Galaxy, but does Boyajian’s Star live up to the hype? Keith Cooper finds out.

Enceladus on Earth
Searching the continent of Antarctica for analogues to the fascinating ice moons of the Solar System.

End of dark matter?
Could the long-standing and successful theory of cold dark matter be about to be nudged out by a theory of modi ed gravity?

Discovering comets
Despite the proliferation of professional all-sky surveys, there are still opportunities for amateur comet finds.

Your 27-page guide to the night sky this month
Jupiter dominates the early evening sky. A pair of comets. Lunar encounters. Our object of the month is the globular cluster M5.

The Universe for Beginners: the electromagnetic spectrum
The wondrous views of the Universe seen in visible light through our own eyes reveal just a small part of its true majesty. Today’s modern instrumentation allows astronomers to explore light across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, seeing the much bigger picture. .

CFF’s apochromatic refractor, globes from Little Planet Factory, and the large-format Moravian G3- 16200 monochrome CCD camera.

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